To Access the DOE Servers Remotely

PLEASE NOTE: That most of the department's software tools are licensed to only be run within Canada.

Using Remote Desktop Connection

This example assumes that you are running a Windows computer.

Step 1) Click here and enter your DOE username using the following format 'DOE\username'.

Step 2) After login click on "Full Desktop". Save the file on your computer and log out of the website. For subsequent sessions you don't need to redownload the .rpd file, just use the one you have already downloaded.

Step 3) Double-click the saved file and click 'Connect'. If you want to change any connection options click 'Show Details'.

Step 4) Click 'Use another account' and type in your DOE username(DOE\username) and password, after you should have a windows desktop to use.


To access the Linux Servers

After logging in click on Unix Systems Icon and choose the server to log on to.

Please note that the servers that the department support are borr,odin and thor at this time.

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