Chat Falls Power Station, page 4

Installed Westinghouse generator
Westinghouse generator

Another view of machine. The operational lights are on top, below that is a pilot exciter, below that the main exciter, fellowed by the  Kingsbury thrust bearing, with the stator at the bottom.

The pilot exciter commutator ring, on top of the pilot exciter rotor, which is ot top of the main exciter commutator ring, which rests on the main exciter. Since these are dc generators, they need comutator rings to rectify their output. All dc generators would be ac generators if they did not have a commutator (or other rectifier). If this needs clarifying, see the WVIC explanation.

Examination of the commutator of the main exciter. You can see the large number of commutator bars, a few turns of the winding are connected between each bar.
excitor commutator

The Kingsbury thrust bearing on top, the stator (below) which is viewed through the air passages. The red-brown color on all the windings is a Glyptal coating.
Thrust bearing

Provision for new machine. Half the machines in this station are owned by OPG, half by Hydro Quebec. Each has a provision to expand by one generator if desired. This is a common feature in power houses.
pit for possible expension generator

A view of the generator floor.
machine floor

End view of generating station transformers.

Spark gap to control over voltage. If lightning strikes, the gap will arc over. Once the air is ionized the gap is almost a short circuit and lowers the voltage drastically.  When one of these fires near you, you will begin to appreciate the word megawatt.
Overvoltage protection spark gap

View of the switch yard. This allows one to change which sources feed which lines. There are line coming from Paugan (Lowe QC), lines to other statrions in the Arrnprior area, and lines to Ottawa and Toronto.
Switch yard

Control panel for a generator
Generator control panel

A final view of the generator floor. The blue walls around the generators are sound barriers.
Generator floor with sound barriers

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Glyptal(R)  is a red-brown varnish like coating made by General Electric, and used to cover many electric motors and generators, and also internal combustion engines. It is a good insulator, and resists moisture oil and high temperatures